Resume page pro documentation

How to customize your resume using resumepagepro.com

Why do I need a resume?

A resume or CV is a report that abridge your work involvement, training, aptitudes and accomplishments for a forthcoming boss. It is typically required as a major aspect of a request for employment, and is viewed as fundamental data all together for a business to evaluate whether a candidate would be an appropriate contender for an interview.

What is resume page pro?

ResumePagePro is an online resume builder. Sign up and create a professional looking resume page, complete with contact links, and all of the information you need to include when seeking a potential job.

Why resume page pro?

Resume page pro will help you build efficient resume by easy option based settings, it also allows mailchimp integration, another benefit of using resume page pro is it enables you to set a password for your resume. You can send link of your resume with your password to a potential jobs.

Quick Guide to Resume Page Pro

To create your resume you need to follow the following steps

1. first go to resumepagepro.com and click get started free


2. After that choose your plan monthly or yearly


3. After that click select plan


4. After that pick a template for your resume


5.  After that enter your site title and URL and click “continue to the next step”


6. After that you have to create account


7. After creating an account you can now enter your details of any section. for example you want to add details of your education in your resume. Click "Resume Options" on the left panel then click "Education" then enter your education details and click "Update"


8. You can anytime edit your resume content, theme option, custom domain, and contact info



1. How do I edit my theme style and color  ?

To edit theme style and color click "Edit your theme Options"


After that choose your theme style and background color and click publish


2. How do I edit my resume

To edit resume content click “Edit Your resume content”


After that click “Edit button” on bottom left


After that click “Save" on bottom left


3. How do I edit my contacts

Click “Edit your contact info" button


After editing your contacts click “Update” button on the right of your screen


4. Account and Billing details

You can check your account and billing details by clicking on “Account” button on the left panel.


If you are having any trouble regarding your content, logo design or resume design you can get benefits from our services any time.